Meet the crew


Mario Fuentes









Mario Fuentes grew up in the Juarez / El Paso area and started riding bikes and quads at a young age.  Fuentes spent every weekend getting comfortable and soon started entering local desert races.  Things escalated quickly, as Mario was naturally challenged by the competition to improve.  “I quickly figured out if you didn’t come ready to race, you were going to be in the back,” commented Fuentes. 

 After spending a few years racing quads, Fuentes moved up to Class 10 in 2010 and was able to land on the podium a few times which furthered his love for the sport.  “I fell in love with off-road racing. I love the freedom, the competition, the comradery, and having all my family and friends there with me,” says Fuentes. 

 After a two-year hiatus spent focusing on his business, Fuentes came back to off-road racing in Class 10 initially, then jumped quickly into Class 1 after seeing Jimco Racing’s new “Hammerhead” Class 1 car.  “I knew it was going to be a big step up from Class 10, but I felt I could handle it with the guidance of Robbie Pierce from Jimco,” stated Fuentes. 

 In 2020, he purchased his brand new “Hammerhead” named  “La Buchonsita” and in its very first race, Fuentes was able to put her on the podium taking 3rd place at the 2020 SCORE-International Baja 1000 with the help of teammates Justin and Bob Lofton and the Jimco Racing support team.

In 2021 Mario has plans on racing the entire SCORE-International series and select American races including The Mint 400.

Hector Fierro








Hector Fierro grew up in the same neighborhood in the Juarez / El Paso area as Mafuzar Motorsports Team Owner, Mario Fuentes.  When he and Fuentes met, Fierro had already been avidly riding his Honda Z 50 since the age of 5 on the local farm roads The duo became fast friends through their shared interest in off-roading on bikes and quads. 


Fierro’s passion for road racing grew through the local competitions his father Armando competed in.  “Going to the race track as a kid and watching my Dad compete had a profound impact on me.  Most kids grow up wanting to be a fireman or a police officer.  I grew up wanting to be a racer,” stated Fierro.  


Fierro spent his teenage years racing bikes, three-wheelers, and eventually quads at local races in the deserts and dunes of the Juarez / El Paso area. “I loved riding and racing as a kid as well as going to the SCORE and Mickey Thompson races. There was a lot of off-road racing on TV at the time. It was a really exciting time to be involved with off-road racing,” commented Fierro.  “It just drove our passion for the sport!”


In 2002, Fierro got the opportunity to race the Baja 1000 peninsulas run from Ensenada to La Paz on a quad and finished in 7th place. “Racing the Baja 1000 was a dream come true although it was the hardest and most intimidating race I had ever attempted. The whole experience reinvigorated my love for off-road racing and made me understand that I could race at the highest level,” said Fierro. 


In 2004, Hector moved onto four wheels and a cage and raced in Class 10 at the Laughlin Desert Challenge.  

In 2020, his long-time friend and race partner Mario Fuentes asked him to join and race in Class 1 to campaign his brand new Jimco Racing “Hammerhead” named  “La Buchonsita”.   The duo managed to put her on the podium taking 3rd place at the 2020 SCORE-International Baja 1000 with the help of teammates Justin and Bob Lofton and the Jimco Racing support team.